Inspiring people to think about the future

Made In Space Test Flight Validation

Made In Space to Made Right Here

We are at the beginnings of another industrial revolution, enabled by digital manufacturing technology like 3D printing. This revolution will be so disruptive to our economy, that it has forced me to rethink my company’s future.

Pace Layers of Change

Pace Layers of Change

This is cross-section of a healthy civilization where the layers represent parts of society that move at different rates. The most rapidly changing parts are at the top, such as fashion, and the slower parts are at the bottom, such as culture. Turbulence occurs when lower layers move faster than upper layers.

Living to be 150 and beyond

When I’m 150

Researchers are trying to extend human life an additional 30 years within the next decade. It is possible that the first person to live to be 150 years old has already been born.

Driverless cars in 2016 and beyond

Self-driving Cars

Google has spent many years developing driverless car technology. Autonomous vehicles are now ready for primetime and may become available to the consumer market as early as 2016.