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The Future of Human Potential

AI is any brief expert judgement faster, cheaper, and better than a human. Technology is just a tool…and messy human problems require messy human solutions. Technology must always challenge us. When we turn it off, we need to better than when we started using it. She feels that the future of work will be defined by one and only one job description: creative, adaptive, problem explorers.

Eye Exams Using Smartphones

Eye Exams by App

There are 2 billion people in the world that don’t have access to eye care . . . there are two organizations looking to transform the eye care industry, EyeNetra and Peek Vision.

Driverless cars in 2016 and beyond

Self-driving Cars

Google has spent many years developing driverless car technology. Autonomous vehicles are now ready for primetime and may become available to the consumer market as early as 2016.