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The Future of Human Potential

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My favorite speaker out of the entire Singularity 2018 Global Summit was, Dr. Vivienne Ming, an expert in neuroscience, AI, and self-proclaimed mad scientist. Singularity University finally posted her talk, and you can hear her speak irreverently and profanely about the future of human potential.

In summary, AI is any brief expert judgement faster, cheaper, and better than a human. Technology is just a tool…and messy human problems require messy human solutions. Technology must always challenge us. When we turn it off, we need to better than when we started using it. Dr. Ming feels that the future of work will be defined by one and only one job description: creative, adaptive, problem explorers.

Dr. Ming also implored us to make a meaningful impact by making a positive difference in a person’s life. She has created a non-profit organization, Socos Labs, that uses algorithms and AI to solve problems that help at minimum a million people…for free! What an incredible inspiration.

In a previous post, I praised Mark Bonchek for his teachings on exponential mindset. After I heard him speak, I wanted to think like Mark. After hearing Dr. Ming speak, I wanted to have the kind of impact she has on people’s lives. She challenged me to find my purpose and I feel that I’ve found it: I want to help people find and tap into their passion.

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