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Use a exponential (growth) mindset to solve any problem

I am OBSESSED with Mark Bonchek. I would like to have coffee with him one day. His teachings about exponential or growth mindset have fundamentally changed the way I think and has enabled me to solve just about any type of problem.

When I’ve shared this revelation with friends they want to know how to do it. I believe anyone can be taught this method and it can be applied to any type of situation. Below is a compilation of articles, videos, and audio I’ve absorbed to understand this method. I will continually update this page.

How to get a growth mindset (Mark Bonchek)

  1. Start with why, Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk on how great leaders inspire action
  2. Overview
  3. Are you thinking incrementally or exponentially?
  4. Customer centricity and mental models
  5. The mindset doctrine. Identify first how are you thinking about the problem? Are you thinking with an incremental mindset or an exponential mindset?
Incremental mindset Exponential mindset
Set realistic goals Set ambitious goals

–       Think in the magnitude of changing an industry or world

–       Think of Elon Musk’s goal to make humans an interplanetary species by pursuing a mission to people on Mars

Follow the plan Follow the vision

–       Maximize for adaptability to the changing landscape

–       It’s a direction and not a destination

Minimize risk Maximize learning and unlearning

–       Learn by doing!

Standardize Personalize

–       How can you scale personalization so that its cost is negligible compared to mass-produced?

Centralize decision-making Empower decision-making

–       Letting go without losing control

–       Use doctrine to pierce the fog of business

Expand authority Expand influence

–       Why gratitude trumps loyalty

Make your numbers Grow your network

–       Break monopolies of information, idea generation, creation, and decision-making

–       Many to many (platform thinking)

Below is a copy of my presentation of Exponential Mindset given at Domi Station on October 18, 2018. Exponential Mindset 20181018

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