So much of SAFE driving occurs at the subconscious level. I drove a motorcycle for 20 years on city streets. There were countless times when I just had a FEELING some car was about to do something dangerous – pull out of a driveway, change lanes in front of me, go through a red light. These “feelings” were based on observation of subtle cues, such as an ever so slight turning of the front wheels or the driver’s head combined with the CONTEXT in which it was occurring. These days, the main thing I would look for (if I still drove a motorcycle) would be cell phone use.

Another issue – very often the safest thing you can do is something illegal – speed up to avoid problems or even speed up to give another driver a safe place to go. Safe driving also involves knowing the driving culture of the region. I expect different things from drivers in California and Massachusetts. Even from drivers in Los Angeles and San Jose. And especially from pedestrians. Is Google going to modify their algorithms for the location? If you followed the law when driving in Istanbul, you would never move.